President's Message

President's Message January 2013  -- Hugh McCrory (MetLife)

If you want “new”, the American College of Investment Counsel is the place to be in 2014!   This newsletter – to be getting a new name soon with input from all of you – is just a small part of the exciting developments that are being rolled out over a relatively short period of time for the benefit our Fellows. 

Led so well and so enthusiastically over the past year by President Mike Kelly (Greenberg Traurig), I definitely believe we are coming through a transformative period for the College.    I think that the very many of you in attendance in New York last October will agree that the Annual Meeting, co-chaired by Chris Dallas (Pacific Life) and Michael Renetzky (Locke Lord) was a fine gathering: first in terms of content, and then with a lively and fresh atmosphere, which a change in venue can help bring about.   While the theme was “Wonders of the World”, it was no wonder or miracle that the conference was such a success – but a true product of hard work by Chris and Michael R, guided skillfully by Mike K and our able Education Committee, and reflecting valuable panel contributions by so many of our Fellows and industry colleagues.

October’s meeting brought together many new things (including an updated logo), but a key to the future of the College is our enhanced website,  – the medium by which you are now reading this note and accessing our new newsletter.  Tom O’Connor (Bingham), Tim Brennan (The Hartford) and Clint Woods (Principal) have to be commended for all they did to revamp and release our new website, and to have all of the meeting materials accessible “live” on the website during the Annual Meeting sessions.  This is just the tip of the capabilities that this site will have; so get and stay logged in (fyi, password reset is easy now), as additional user friendly features come on line! 

While I am following very formidable leaders in Mike Kelly and Vicki Bailey (Advantus Capital), I am truly honored and excited to be in this position.   Partnering closely with the Officers, the entire Board of Trustees and all of you, we are committed to building upon these and other innovations to continue to enhance the experience and value of the College to each and every Fellow.   Yet, we’ll be sure not to take our eye off of our key strengths – such as the Spring Forum that is now right around the corner.   Come April 24th & 25th, a “Match Made in Chicago” will march down the aisle.  Co-Chairs Tina Smith (Thrivent Financial) and Tony Yager (Chapman and Cutler), with the able guidance of Vice President Nicole Rives (Sullivan & Worcester), have been planning away; Tony and Tina vow that this will be an engaging event.  I very much look forward to seeing you there, taking in all of the fine panels and hearing your thoughts on how the ACIC can be of the most value to our Fellows.  Not to mention sharing a toast (and a laugh or two) at the Four Seasons reception!

Now I’ll end here so I don’t further delay you as you “click on” and read the other features in the newsletter.  I’m going to continue to rack my brain, unsuccessfully I’m sure, for a witty name to submit for the contest.  Given the competition – all of you – I know I have very slim odds of winning, however the talent within this College leaves me very confident that a terrific name will be forthcoming.  Much thanks to the esteemed team of Michael Fierro (Prudential), Scott Barnett (Prudential) and Carolyn Alford (King & Spalding) for all their efforts over many months to create this new format.  Also special thanks to Becky Tiemann and Madeleine Crouch of our new administrative office, Madeleine Crouch & Co., Inc., for their efforts as well. 

Please be sure to share with any of us your thoughts and suggestions as this new format is rolled out.  And please do not hesitate to contact me with any feedback or ideas on any topic that could enhance our College.