MERS Registration system does not contravene mortgage filing system law in Texas.

In a notable case by a county recording office against MERSCORP (the entity that maintains a system of records of assignments of mortgages), the court’s decision in March 2014 put to rest the last claim of the county and permitted the MERS system to operate as currently configured. Dallas County et al. v. Merscorp, Inc. et al., __- F. Supp. 3d ____, 2014 WL 840016, U.S. Dis. LEXIS 27200 (N.D. Tx. 2014) held that the Texas statute (Tex. Loc. Gov. Code 192.004(a)) does not prohibit the operation of the MERS system; the statute, per the court, provided no private right of action, and it has “no requirement for recording interim instruments, such as assignments of deeds of trust.”