The Fellows of the College are admitted upon election by the Board of Trustees, on a discretionary basis, following review by the Membership Committee.

To be eligible for consideration as a Fellow, a person must:

  1. Be a lawyer in active practice, in good standing and admitted to practice in the highest court of a state, commonwealth, district, province or country and
  2. Devote a substantial portion of her or his time to the representation of one or more institutional investors with respect to institutional investments (or to supervising those who do so), or otherwise have expertise in areas determined by the Board of Trustees to be relevant to institutional investors. The applicant must be nominated by a Fellow and seconded by another (the second nominee may not be affiliated with the same law firm or institution as the first nominee).

The Membership Committee and the Board of Trustees determine an applicant’s membership on the basis of the totality of the applicant’s responses in this application. Particular emphasis is given to (i) the portion of the applicant’s practice which is devoted to representing institutional investors (or supervising those who do so), (ii) indicative transactions or other legal representations on behalf of institutional investors demonstrating the applicant’s representation of institutional investors, (iii) participation by the applicant in the activities of the College (e.g., Forums and educational meetings) and (iv) other factors determined by the Board of Trustees as being relevant to the College.

Membership Election Procedures

To be considered for election to the College applicants must have the endorsement of two nominations from ACIC Fellows. Fellows who submit nominations on your behalf must not be affiliated with the same firm as each other (and only one nominating ACIC Fellow may be from the same firm as the applicant). Application materials, including nomination forms, may be obtained from, and when completed should be returned to, the College’s administrative office. Following review by the Membership Committee, nominations are considered by the Board of Trustees.

Emeritus Status

Any Fellow in good standing who shall have retired from the active practice of law is eligible to become an emeritus member of the College. Such Fellow may seek emeritus status in the College by submitting a written request (which may be by email) to the President or one of the co-chairs of the Membership Committee. Approval of a Fellow’s emeritus status shall be in the Board’s sole discretion. Fellows with approved emeritus status shall not be obligated to pay any annual membership dues but may attend any of the College’s conferences at the then current member rate.


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