Become a Member

Membership Criteria

The Fellows of the College are admitted upon election by the Board of Trustees. To be eligible for consideration as a Fellow, a person must

  1. be a lawyer in active practice, in good standing and admitted to practice in the highest court of a state, commonwealth, district, province or country and
  2. devote a substantial portion of her or his time to the representation of one or more institutional investors with respect to institutional investments or otherwise have expertise in areas determined by the Board of Trustees to be relevant to institutional investments.

Application Requirements

Fill out the application pages that follow in their entirety. Please note that in steps 7a & 7b, applicants must have the endorsement of two nominations from ACIC Fellows. Fellows who submit nominations on your behalf must not be affiliated with the same firm. For example: one nomination can come from an ACIC Fellow at your law firm or institution; the second letter of recommendation must come from an ACIC Fellow who is not affiliated with your law firm or institution. This is detailed in question 7. Any fellow in good standing may nominate you. The nominations must be made in writing or via online submission.