COVID-19 Resources

A Framework for Lenders and Borrowers During the Current Crisis: MAE in Loan Agreements

Corona Virus – German Overview

SEC Extends COVID-19 Regulatory Relief for Public Companies, Funds and Investment Advisers & Issues Additional Guidance

The COVID-19 Crisis  and Force Majeure in Credit Agreements

Coronavirus Implications in Loan Documents

FUNDamentals: Considerations for Your Fund During the COVID-19 Crisis

Help for Mid-Sized Businesses: Congress Provides for Implementation of New Direct Loan Program to Eligible Mid-size Borrowers in CARES Act

FERC Issues Guidance to Regulated Entities Regarding COVID-19 Impacts

The Rapidly Evolving Telemedicine Regulatory Landscape in the Wake of COVID-19

NAIC Releases COVID-19 Information Request Template

COVID-19 Daily Insurance Regulatory Updates to Keep You Informed During the Lockdown (April 2, 2020)

Privacy and Cybersecurity Work-from-Home Considerations in the Context of  Coronavirus

Loan Forbearance: Preparing for Customer Relief Requests – April has Begun

COVID-19 Daily Insurance Regulatory Updates to Keep You Informed During the Lockdown (April 9, 2020)

CMS Creates Greater Flexibility for Arrangements Through Stark Law Waivers

Federal Reserve Announces 6 New Funding Facilities Based on CARES Act Authorizations

COVID-19: Considerations for Waiver Processes in Infrastructure Finance

FERC and NARUC Heads Support Request of Utilities to Extend CPFF

Fried Frank’s COVID-19 Resource Page

Navigating Discounted Debt Repurchases

Federal Reserve Announces Main Street Lending Program

Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (“CARES Act”)

Preliminary Thinking on Reopening a Business: Planning for the End of Stay-At-Home

Strategic Debt Options for European Issuers in the Time of COVID-19

Congress Passes “Phase 3.5” COVID-19 Relief Package Extending Small Business Loan Program

COVID-10 Pandemic: Expansion of UK Loan Schemes – New Future Fund

Considerations on Returning PPP Loans

Environmental Diligence During a Pandemic Lockdown: Examining the Permissibility of Environmental Site Visits Under COVID-19 Stay-at-Home Orders

Preliminary Injunction Application to Enjoin COVID-19 Related UCC Foreclosure Given Green Light

European Commission Publishes Guidance for Permissable Collaboration in the Pharma Sector in Light of the COVID-19 Outbreak

A Detailed Update on Reopening of Business – NY’s Plan, the Federal Guidance, and Scenarios to be Prepared For

Further PPP Loan Developments – Including a New May 14 Deadline for Givebacks

COVID-19 Pandemic: Key UK Government & Bank of England Initiatives to Support Businesses

Further PPP Update – Including Extension of Safe Harbor Deadline for Return of Loans to May 18

New York State Court Gives UCC Foreclosures the Go-Ahead

Cyber Insurance Coverage in the Remote Working World

Could Bankruptcy Amendments Be on the Horizon as Pressure Mounts on Retailers?

Coronavirus Fallout for Guarantors: Recourse Events Back in Focus

COVID-19 Client Alert: NYC  Council Int. No. 1932-A (2020) and NYC Council Int. No. 1914-A (2020) Enacted to Protect COVID-19 Impacted Tenants


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